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If you are planning on shopping the day after Thanksgiving, read this article below for tips on keeping you and your purchases safe. You probably do some of these already but a few reminders this time of year can be useful. Follow these suggestions to help avoid costly and dangerous situations. READ MORE >>

Not being a "morning person," I love to "fall back." Getting that extra hour of sleep along with the beautiful weather makes this time of year so exhilarating. However, daylight saving can be tricky. Stay alert to avoid having to deal with an accident, This time of year is also a good time to review your policies with a agent. READ MORE >> The Lake Insurance and Financial would like to wish you a Happy Halloween. Check out the article above for  tips on having a safe night of fun. READ MORE >>

It's scary with no insurance! Don't let Mayhem pull his high jinks on you this fall! It is a good time review your policies Home Owners Insurance Auto Insurance Renter's Insurance Flood Insurance ATV Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Boat Insurance ... READ MORE >>

Floods can cause extreme damage to homes and communities. But why do floods happen? Where does all the water come from? We all studied the water cycle, or hydrological system, back in grade school; so we know that water travels cyclically from the clouds, down to the soil, into streams/rivers/oceans and back into the clouds. READ MORE >>


Do you ever hear from your insurance agency? Some people say "No, and that's a good thing. If I do, they'd only be trying to sell me something." But the fact is, life happens, and you want your agency to contact you if a policy is late for payment or the premium is forecast to go up, discounts about to go away, or for many other reasons. READ MORE >>

  Storing your car in the winter is a great way to protect it from extreme weather, salt on the roads and other possible hazards. If you plan on keeping your car safely locked in your garage this winter, you may be tempted to drop your insurance coverage to save money. READ MORE >>

If you’re like millions of college students around the United States, you are probably saddled with huge loans and struggling to make ends meet. Your measly few possessions may not seem like much, but what if you were suddenly without them? READ MORE >>

1. Make sure your contractor is properly covered. If you are hiring a contractor to work on your home, you will want to make sure the contractor has adequate insurance coverage before they start the job. Ask the contractor for a “certificate of coverage” –this certificate will ... READ MORE >>

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